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New album : ANTILIFE will be release on June the 1st

30729800_1758335327546495_6995051825829249024_nThe new sound coming from the depths of darkness : ANTILIFE ! Our new hell’s gatekeeper MUSICFEARSATAN – LABEL will release the beast on June the 1st.

FIVE DEGREES OF INSANITY – Full album on Youtube


Trailer from our forthcoming album by the mighty CHARIOT OF BLACK MOTH


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RMXFRMHLL is a remix of Cult of Occult’s first two albums made by AMANTRA.

35 minutes of insane drone misanthropic noise in two tracks, HCSTDMSDBL and CLTFCCLT.

Available on very limited hand-packed tape edition – released by Totem Manufacture Records.
Special hand-made packaging + exclusive badge.