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by Cult Of Occult

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campbellvoid Fucking killer album. Fucking killer band Favorite track: Perfect Love.
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Tyme First found this band on a split with Grim Von Doom. They contributed one 22 minute song and I was blown away. I immediately went and grabbed up the catalog. This shit is the real deal. Hate me. Hate them. Hate yourself and buy it all!! Favorite track: I Hate You.
bushdoctor1369 thumbnail
bushdoctor1369 I found Cult Of Occult by accident when I was sent a random friend request on Fuckbook by Mr Fabien Limare himself.... I've been a faithful follower ever since. Always keeping my athame sharp just in case a virgin or young child needs sacrificed during a COO listening session. Keep bringing the heavy brothers. There's literally nobody else to carry the torch you guys have lit.
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Blurry! Muzzy! I can't see shit, my eyes burn. This hammer hitting my head, so loud, without breathing. Memory isn't working, no, isn't working. Pathetic bits and snatches of the past coming in painful flashes. Fuzzy is everything, and everything swirls, and everything's distant. Not so good. Puke, when everything swirls. This is my last. Blurry! And once again, and once again, I'm so Muzzy! And once again, and once again! Blurry and muzzy, that's all, that's all I am! Blurry and muzzy, that's all I am, that's all, that's all I am! Hangover is so tasteful.
I Hate You 08:54
I don't care who you are, I don't care what you think or what you do. The only thing I know about you is that I hate you ! Your face, your brain make me sick. I just cannot bear we're breathing the same air. I hate you ! No discrimination, soon we will be seven billion, I've got hatred for everyone. Black or white people, brown yellow or green, Christians, Muslims or whatever the sect you're in, Fat ugly bitches that think they are pretty, Retarded, genius, poor as rich or stinky, Politicians, artists, prostitutes and their babies, Your friends and families, your wives and their pussies, You, laughing, that think I am joking, Every fucking country, it's workers, corpses and kings ! I hate you ! I'm so pissed off every day, If only you could knew, If only you could feel how much I loathe and hate you !
Down below and so alone I can't stand, Starring all around. All is slow, there's not a drone around there, Nothing on the ground. So god damn alone ! Surrounded by void ! Crowds of stupid ghosts, everywhere, What the fuck ! I'm walking in the desert. Emptiness is their substance, They're hollow, insignificant. Their existence is a non-sense, I deny them ! Everything is nothing. Can't they die in pain ? Suffer and go away ? To watch them fall like rain I could lead the way. I'm walking in the desert. They all deserve to die, Firing squad in line, To vanish not deny, This desert is mine ! Alone, forever. I walk, the desert !
Perfect Love 07:28
Where were you when they pushed me out? Trapped like a beast, put in a cage. Thinking of you, I couldn't stop. Sad and depressed, I missed you my lover. Lover. And all this years, you were away... And all this years, I slept with pain, Emptiness and sorrow were my only friends! Alone between this walls... They said I was a fool, but all I was is good. But now I'm drowned in pure happiness, Now that I'm free, and that you're with me. Your body is shaking, don't be afraid. I'll be tender! Like I always was. You are my daughter, Don't be shy like your mother was! I will take my revenge! Did you thought I could change? I'll beat you up again! You are married with pain, The same blood in our veins. Got anything to say? Then suck and stray!
We chant the name of Lucifer. In the darkness of the forest, Pentagrams lighted by candles. Prepare for the appearance of our master! Ô Lucifer. We are your worshipers. Occultism reigns, Evil over the earth. Darkness reigns, Disasters, plague and curse. Devotions, blood and sacrifice. From the smoke you rise. The black hoods kneel down your power. Please bring us Hell, hate, booze forever. Occultism reigns, Evil over the earth. Darkness reigns, Disasters, plague and curse.


Self-Titled (1st album)

Concealed from the view of the moribund mass of humanity, hidden in the darkness of the gates of Hell, waiting to spread the evil sound of the extermination of life is the most powerful and misanthropic force. Fed by hatred, loudness and alcohol, the four headed monster of Apocalypse will destroy everything on its way with its unwavering wall of sound. Like the scream of Satan himself the fury of the troopers of doom is deafening, intoxicating and damned addicting.
Feel the ethylic vapor impregnating the audience, be conquered by the slow devastating groove, chant the name of Lucifer, dance with us on heavy riffing and worship the soundtrack of the end of days.
CULT OF OCCULT plays for black masses, sacrifices, satanic rituals, dark ceremonies and unholy meetings.

"This album is just simply a masterclass in Sludge Metal that deserves to be heard by a bigger audience as possible" - SludgeLord

"The songs are not for those with a weak nervous system and go easy with the volume when you first put this on, this EP is extremely nasty at loud volume levels" - 8/10 - Doommantia

"Un groupe à voir en live, dans un vieux squat pourri qui ne peut acceuillir plus de 40 personnes pourtant compressées dans leur sueur et leur vomi. " - 7.5/10 - Hard Rock Mag

"Cult of Occult are able to make a bleak, viscous, poisoned and dark, blackened sludge-doom metal which is going to compress your ribs and dim the lights in your room" - Vonfrost13


released November 1, 2011


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Cult Of Occult France

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