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by Cult Of Occult

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I'm drunk Fuck you I hate you The wine Inside Reveals my fucking nature I spit Scream Declare My loathe for you all Empty Bottles Release drops of voice. I'm drunk Fuck you I hate you all, piece of shits! I believe in you Satan! Destroy mankind and bring us more wine.
A mix of pain and freedom Fear is not anymore Blood mates with venom Sanity walked out the door Venom trip Swimming in the sky Venom trip Venom trip Fucking with angels Venom trip Feeling like a god This bite is infected I feel life fading away I enjoy, I'm dead I'm tripping in my last day Venom trip Drowning in the sky Venom trip Venom trip Rapping the angels Venom trip Slaying some gods I see That's Him I see The Devil I see He is coming for me "You've been hit by my snakes Now be my slave Your life's dedicated to hate Spread my words of misery" You've upgraded my life Welcome to the sign of Baphomet that appears on my neck Don't worry Master, I will obey They shall prostrate before me I'll use black magic, spells and ancient sorcery They shall prostrate before me Now I can express all my hatred Take me in Hell! Burn me in Hell!
No lust for life No need of anything No desire, no itch Nofuckingthing A lack of everything But it can't be filled Only replaced By a strong feeling Then just one envy Far deep in the belly Seeing hate and cruelty Seeking immorality Imaging you starving Consumed by hell's flames Ethylic fuel pissing To rekindle the fire that blames Praying the demons Begging the devil Impersonate the being On Earth to exterminate Desert, void, nothing I don't need anything Then just one envy Far deep in the belly Seeing hate and cruelty Seeking immorality Imaging you starving I will watch us die And for sure never close my eyes 'cause I love to see us punished For the sins we enjoyed but banished Hic est domus Lucifer, Mammona, Asmodeus, Satanam, Baal, Leviathan, Belphegor. Ave superbia, avaritia, luxuria, irae, gula, invidia, desidia. In nomine de nostre Satanas, et Belial et Spiritui maloso. Introibo ad alatare Satanas. Ad Satanas, qui laetificat gloria meam. Gloria Satanas: Lucifere Excelsis! Sicut erat in principio, et nune, et simper, et saecula saeculorum. Satanas vobiscum et cum spiritu tuo. Amen.
DCLXVI 02:52
Shoot hatred right in your veins. Destroy everything on your way. Drink scorn as beers and spit it in everyone's face. Feed yourself with their denial and when they're down just crush their souls. Be merciless with their mistakes. Just turn your brain into a black slime of pain. Paint this world with dark sludge and scum. Spread evil and violence as soon as you can. But never forget, you're one of their kind. Hate yourself more than anyone. Now commit suicide! Shoot hatred right in your veins. Destroy everything on your way. But never forget, you're one of their kind. Hate yourself more than anyone.
A black procession as a wonder to behold Determined and leading the way A disturbing silence announcing the jubilation Over dark and possessed human masses Alcoholic frenzy Liquor melts into demonic thoughts The swarm, as Satan's hand, Raise the sacrificial altar And prepare for the black mass. Introducing the sacrificed, Everyone's screaming "How lucky you are! What a great honor to be Satan's door, You can be proud, you can celebrate this moment." She stamps her feet while she steps forward death, Envious stares pouring on her back. Sharpen blade shining in her eyes. Throats are chanting, calling to Him, The blood spills but she's smiling, A celebration, a communion with His spirit, Praying Him now to be real. Praying Him now! Satan, Master, the Punisher, Please free us from this fool humanity. Destroy, destroy, us and everything. We are ready for the Apocalypse.



Concealed from the view of the moribund mass of humanity, hidden in the darkness of the gates of Hell, waiting to spread the evil sound of the extermination of life is the most powerful and misanthropic force. Fed by hatred, loudness and alcohol, the four headed monster of Apocalypse will destroy everything on its way with its unwavering wall of sound. Like the scream of Satan himself the fury of the troopers of doom is deafening, intoxicating and damned addicting.
Feel the ethylic vapor impregnating the audience, be conquered by the slow devastating groove, chant the name of Lucifer, dance with us on heavy riffing and worship the soundtrack of the end of days.
CULT OF OCCULT plays for black masses, sacrifices, satanic rituals, dark ceremonies and unholy meetings.

"A Master-class in evil: Cult of Occult with “Hic Est Domus Diaboli”" - Church of the riff

"Huge magical riffs that slowly progress to different chord sequences
but always with lumbering menace." - Black Insect Laughter


released June 22, 2013




Cult Of Occult France

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